It's nice to meet you! My name is Michelle Taylor and I have been the full-time owner and lead consultant of Taylor Brand Consulting for the past four years. Before that, I worked on-staff for one of the world's largest nonprofit organizations as part of the marketing team.

Now, as the owner of Taylor Brand Consulting, I serve nonprofit organizations through interim management roles and on-retainer marketing contracts. I love helping my clients establish their brand, create a clear and efficient marketing strategy, and then delivering the tools to make it all happen: interim management, social media content, graphic design, and more. 

Whether you're a nonprofit that needs to increase brand awareness, engage your volunteers, and raise funds, or a company needing to create a strong brand, loyal customer base, and drive sales, I would love to have a conversation about how we can grow your organization together. 

Consultations are always free. Let's connect soon and discuss your marketing needs. 

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Meet the Team


Cassandra is the lead graphic designer for Taylor Brand Consulting. Raised in Greenville, she began drawing as a kid and participated in fine art events in high school. Cassandra followed these interests into college, graduating from Greenville Technical College with an associate degree in graphic design and a certificate of fine art. She still lives in Greenville with her husband, Greg, her dog, Cotton, and her cat, Bobbie.

Cassandra loves illustrating and creating designs for clients. Most of her work focuses on the automotive industry—primarily classic cars, automotive performance and events. The car influence comes from both of her parents, who raced cars, and grandpa, who lived right next to a racetrack and owned vintage cars. She designs with a variety of styles for clients, though she is particularly fond of a vintage style. When not working, Cassandra can often be found perusing her love for vintage, whether that means antiquing, cruising in her ’71 Buick GSX, or wearing vintage clothing. She loves learning new skills and can often be spotted attending racing events with her husband.


While Cassandra's personal style is all things retro and classic Americana, she is a true artist and translator of what our clients want and need. Whether your brand's aesthetic is retro and kitsch or modern and minimalist, Cassandra will translate your vision or goals into beautifully designed collateral.

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Lead Graphic Designer

Cassandra has worked for TBC since 2018.

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