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Meet Marketing and Communications Intern, Seth Johnson

As our client list grows, Taylor Brand Consulting is growing in tandem! I'm excited to introduce Marketing and Communications Intern, Seth Johnson. Seth is a senior at Bob Jones University and I was immediately impressed by his repertoire of online articles for the university, go-getter mindset, and desire to hone and expand his skillset. In addition to writing here on the blog, Seth will be working with some of our clients to tell their stories, help us shoot at events, and more. I'll let Seth tell you a little more about himself below.


Introductions are always a bit awkward. . .but I’ll go first. I’m Seth Johnson, the new marketing and communication intern at Taylor Brand Consulting. I’m a senior journalism and mass communication major at Bob Jones University, and I can’t wait to get started working with you.

Whether it’s copy for a website or a new blog post, writing has been a part of my life since I joined my small, Indiana high school newspaper in 9th grade—The Patriot Post. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and that class played no small role in helping me choose my college major. Nearly 8 years later, I’m still writing and telling stories, but I’ve expanded to videography and photography as well. No matter which medium is needed to tell a story, I want to be able to tell it and tell it well.

I do more than type and scribble in notepads though. I love playing chess and spend too much time admiring grandmasters play online. I’ve also been an avid bookworm since elementary, reading a decent chunk of the Hardy Boys and everything Agatha Christie. I have some non-nerdy hobbies too. I play both basketball and soccer, and volleyball has become a favorite as well.

I’m eager to work with TBC and tackle some projects, helping clients one sentence, photo or clip at a time.

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