Welcome New Intern, Emily Braun

The upcoming class of marketing professionals studying at our local colleges and universities, from my experience, is dynamic, multitalented, and excited for the ways in which marketing is evolving. When I opened the spot for our summer/fall internship, I received quite a few replies from local college students, but Emily stood out from the crowd. Not only did she have past projects to show, but she was incredibly professional, excited to learn and try new things, and I could tell she would bring her fresh creativity to projects and our brand.

Currently, Emily and I have been working on a soft-rebranding together for our own Taylor Brand Consulting brand and social media presence. When I asked her to do some research on inspiration, she not only completed the assignment, she created a full presentation. Each recommendation she made perfectly aligned with the direction of our brand and the value we offer to our clients. I'm thrilled to introduce you all to Emily, as you'll be seeing much more of her on our social media in the coming months!

"My name is Emily Braun and I’m a rising senior Media Arts student at the University of South Carolina. As soon as I started studying visual arts and started creating my own I was drawn to how content can lead to other opportunities. I love marketing because of how a visual creation can have words of its own. Each post, ad, and even video can inform, or even persuade a viewer. A favorite project of mine from school is when I collaborated with another student and produced a Nintendo inspired video game. I’m born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina and am the youngest of 3 girls. My hobbies are working out, going to concerts, spending time with my family and friends, and of course my dogs. After I graduate college I hope to remain in the South and have a career in design and marketing. I am so grateful and excited to be working with TBC!" -Emily Braun

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