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 Breakthrough by 
Taylor Brand Consulting

Breakthrough by TBC is the flagship brick-and-mortar space, designed and produced, by the full Taylor Brand Consulting team. Breakthrough is a beautifully curated space, designed to inspire innovation, support collaboration, and incubate amazing ideas. Breakthrough members enjoy monthly workshops and events hosted by the TBC full TBC staff, and utilize the space for content creation, planning, and networking.


Welcome to Greer, SC!

We are so excited to share our new space with you. Located in downtown Greer, SC; come design and create with us in your own way.


We Rise by Lifting Others

Our new entranceway is designed just for you. Huge windows give way to natural lighting and this is just one space to create content or work in an uplifting space.


Meet and Greet

Come on in! Our members' only networking events, workshops, and classes, co-working opportunities and more are held in our conference area. This cozy environment sparks great conversations and ideas. Join our Breakthrough Membership Program for access.


Make it Your Own: Space Rental

Space Rentals are available! Not wanting to meet a client at your home or at a public coffee shop? This is perfect for team meetings, content creation, client resources and workshops. 

Join our Breakthrough Membership Program for highly discounted access.

Vintage Perfume Bottles

Step into the Spotlight

Content creation is always fun. Stop by and amp up your social media with our Product Lightbox and our giant ring light made just for you. Use our white wall to make your products pop!

Image by Vika Strawberrika

Podcast Perfection

Yes, you read that correctly! We have a podcast space! With your Breakthrough Membership Program, you can reach your ideal clients through your personal podcast. Fun Fact: there are currently over 420 million podcast listeners!

Breakthrough Society Membership

Gain access to our new and exclusive memberships here.

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