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3 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Take Advantage of Microgiving ASAP

Hand shakes, introductions, and face-to-face fundraising is still key in securing large gifts from individuals or businesses. But with the rise of social sharing and a higher interest in philanthropy than ever before, from a younger generation, microgiving is a missed opportunity if your organization isn't taking advantage of it. If you're reading this, chances are you are on staff at a nonprofit and that means you wear many hats and the jump into running a microgiving campaign may seem like something you don't have time for or resources to do. Before you dive down the rabbit hole of microgiving, spending time you don't have on endless research, check out 3 ways you can take advantage of passive or nearly-passive microgiving ASAP.

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is one of the easiest ways to move your community towards giving in a way that promotes passive income for your organization. If you aren't registered on Amazon Smile, stop reading this article, open up a new tab, and register using these steps: 1. Sign in to

2. Click the Help link at the top of the page

3. Select the General Program Information, then select the Spotlight Charities link to access the application form

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

Birthday fundraisers on Facebook are a nonprofits dream. They require almost no effort on your part, don't require a big budget, and utilize the power and reach of your volunteers and online community. Haven't seen many fundraisers come through on Facebook? First, make sure you're registered with Facebook as a nonprofit. Then, let your online community know how to set up a fundraiser. While it may seem second nature to you, your online community may have no idea how to create a fundraiser of their own. Once you've created a few how-to posts, make a direct ask of your community to use their birthday to give back.

Mircogiving Donation Button on Your Website

You likely have a static page for giving on your website, which doesn't receive all too many donations I would guess, but do you have a microgiving option? It's likely, that as a nonprofit, you have some amazing, moving, compelling stories on your website demonstrating the value of your organization to those you serve. While you are engaging viewers with your strongest content on your website, you can also drive donations in the form of a microgiving option as a companion to each compelling story. Consider a breakout box that illustrates what a small donation can do, and a specific ask. (Example: "For $5, you can send a student a book with your own inscription on the inside cover." With a photo and donate button underneath.)

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