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Marketing Consulting Services at Taylor Brand Consulting

At Taylor Brand Consulting (TBC), we love being your go-to partner in marketing consulting services. When it comes to marketing, there is no exact formula for success. Each business and organization, no matter the size, is unique and requires customized strategy to reach their ideal audience and inspire them into action - that’s where we come in. But, what exactly is involved in brand and marketing consulting, and most importantly, how can it help your business or nonprofit reach its goals? We are going to break it all down for you.

Marketing Consulting Services

Social Media Marketing

When done well, social media marketing can be a powerful tool for nonprofits and businesses to reach new audiences and nurture their existing audience. The key here though is that it must be approached with strategy tailored to each organization, and the strategy has to be implemented consistently. That is where TBC’s team shines. When you work with our team, you get a true partner dedicated to getting results, such as a 227% increase in website traffic from Instagram and 99.9% increase in accounts reached overall through Instagram like our client, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada.

Our talented creative experts become an extension of your team on a monthly retainer basis. Let us handle your content creation and execution, ensuring a consistent and effective social media presence, increasing brand awareness and engagement, and bringing new loyal fans into your circle.

Graphic Design & Fine Art

The way your business communicates visually matters more than ever. With decades of experience, our team are true artists dedicated to translating your messages into a powerful tool for connection and communication. From branded reports to social media graphics, or promotional materials to event collateral, or even full brand design, Taylor Brand Consulting has you covered. 

Take your visuals to the next level in your brick and mortar spaces with our fine art consulting services. This includes consultations with our expert brand architects and artists to bring your brand to life in your brick and mortar spaces, where we will create an immersive and unforgettable experience for your customers and staff. Whether you utilize TBC’s team for graphic design, fine art, or both, you can expect an enhanced overall brand experience that surprises and delights your customers.

Public Relations

The PR Team at Taylor Brand Consulting collaborates with organizations nationwide, 

ensuring comprehensive media coverage, developing impactful messaging, addressing sensitive issues and crises, and steering narratives. Investing in public relations is one of the most powerful ways to build trust for your organization. For example, 92% of consumers trust print and earned media, so when your brand is featured in magazines, websites and other outlets, it not only increases your brand visibility, but also increases people’s trust and confidence in your organization. Let us help you share your stories through our broad press relationships.

In addition to helping your organization get featured in the press, we take it further with our strategic and targeted PR tactics. Our comprehensive approach to public relations services include community and industry events, media training, pitching, and influencer management. 

Website Design

One of our goals as your marketing partner is to make sure your brand experience is consistent across multiple platforms, and that includes your website. Your website should not only look good, but it also needs to be functional and easy to navigate. Our team of web design experts can create a new custom website or enhance your existing site to make sure it’s working hard on your behalf. 

Our efficient and thorough web design and development process ensures that your goals are met and tailor-made to your organization’s needs. Our team can also handle ongoing maintenance with content updates and to keep things running smoothly, allowing you to relax knowing that your digital presence is in good hands with the TBC team.

With our extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, our team is well-suited to support your organization thrive in its mission with fund development. The TBC team is dedicated to helping you reach your financial goals through fundraising campaign support, development audits, and full partnership support. With our development audits, we use both qualitative and quantitative methods to determine the best way forward for your organization. From there, we can advise on and implement best practices to help you achieve your loftiest goals. Our team is here to help you help others.

The Interim Experience: Interim Marketing Consulting

And, last but not least, let us step in when you need it most with our interim marketing consulting services. When a key position is vacant, it’s hard to get through the  day-to-day tasks, let alone reach your larger goals. With Taylor Brand Consulting’s  Interim Marketing Consulting, our experienced team can provide crucial support in marketing, communications, strategy, fund development, and events. So, even when a position is open, everything can keep moving forward. 

We know you have a lot of demands on your time and resources and sometimes you need more hands than you have on deck to get the job done. Our ability to solve your most pressing and complex problems sets us apart from the rest. Reach out today to start the conversation!

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