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Out-of-State AND Out-of-the-Office

I live in Nevada, my company is based out of South Carolina, and my current client is in

New York. I truly am “out of office.” While working remotely is one of the best

opportunities I have been given, it has been challenging as well. Navigating time

differences is no joke (yes, sometimes you have to take those 6am meetings), but with

good boundaries and routines you can find a schedule that works for you.

There are times when I have felt remote in all the worst ways. You don’t have that office

buddy that you can turn to for a chat or get coffee with when the day is dragging on. Of

course, my dogs love that I work from home, but they aren’t the best conversationalists.

There are still ways to feel connected, though! Whether it’s setting up a Teams call with

a colleague, or planning a work date at a coffee shop with a friend in town, you can still

be productive & find that connection that you are missing.

Some tips we've come to know to be helpful to remote working are:

1. Setting a Routine

● Set a schedule. Start and end your workday at the same times each day. This

helps create a clear boundary between work and personal life.

● Establish a morning routine. Have a consistent pattern that signals the start of

the workday. For me, after I water my garden, I get my coffee and move into

my office.

2. Create an Inspiring Workspace

● Create a specific area in your home dedicated to work. This helps you mentally

switch to "work mode" and can improve focus.

● Ensure your workspace is comfortable and ergonomically friendly to avoid

strain or injury. Splurge on that desk chair you’ve been eyeing - it’s worth it!

● Don’t forget to decorate! What colors inspire you to be creative? What

elements can you add to make your workspace feel cozy?

3. Set Clear Boundaries

● Let household members know your work hours to minimize interruptions.

● Set “Do Not Disturb” hours on your calendar so clients can’t schedule meetings

outside of the hours you have set.

● Schedule regular breaks to rest and recharge.

4. Stay Connected

● Have regular meetings with your team to stay connected and aligned on goals.

● Utilize tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom for communication and


5. Stay Organized

● Prioritize tasks. Use tools like to-do lists or project management apps (e.g.,

Trello, Asana) to keep track of tasks and prioritize them.

● Utilize digital organization. Keep your digital workspace organized. Use folders

and labels for emails and files.

● Keep your physical workspace tidy to reduce stress and increase efficiency.

6. Protect Your Physical & Mental Health

● Incorporate physical activity into your day. My beagle loves our mid-day walks!

● Make sure you switch off. Once your workday ends, shut down your work

computer and avoid checking work emails or messages.

● Don’t underestimate the power of hobbies and relaxation. Engage in activities

that you enjoy outside of work to relax and recharge.

These tips can help you create a productive and enjoyable remote work environment.

What do you do to stay organized and connected? We’d love to hear!

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