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Today's Trends: Identifying Trends on TikTok

TikTok has millions of sounds for users to choose from, including songs, conversations between celebrities, and original sounds created by the app’s users. Choosing sounds on TikTok is similar to writing; selecting the best TikTok sound requires the same precision as choosing the right verbiage to convey your message. There is a seemingly infinite amount of sounds to choose from, but creators must select one to successfully tell their audience a story. While this might be overwhelming to some, the trending sounds provide a helpful blueprint for TikTokers to follow.

The sound “Crazy” by Patsy Cline is being used by thousands of creators. This popular melody has lots of potential for professional TikTok accounts. By combining this sound with text, organizations have a chance to highlight the way that their product, service, or specialty will improve the lives of consumers. Professionals can simultaneously emphasize the disadvantages one will experience without their skills and spotlight the benefits of their organization. For instance, consider an animal shelter that wants to inform its audience about an upcoming cat adoption event. Imagine that this shelter creates a TikTok with text that states “When I thought I could live without my best friend, Whiskers” and a video of a pet owner playing with their kitten. As Patsy Cline’s voice plays in the background, this playful announcement makes viewers consider the enjoyment of adopting a furry friend and how it would be “crazy” to not attend the animal shelter’s event. “Crazy” is versatile; organizations in all sectors can benefit from creatively implementing it into their posts.

Another sound dominating many users’ For You Page is the original sound by creator Charlie Mosey. This audio states, “And the best part of this plan is…no one can stop me.” Similar to Crazy by Patsy Cline, Mosey’s sound can also be used to show the benefit of a service. Perhaps there is a niche service that your organization offers; this sound is an opportunity to tell your audience about your specialty. For example, envision an after-school organization that has a unique art program for children. The group could create a post that uses Mosey’s audio and text that states, “Us on our way to provide paints, canvases, and watercolor palettes to provide your child with the most exciting after-school program ever.” This informs the viewer about the service in a funny, lighthearted way. Pair this sound with the hashtag #noonecanstopme and the Tiny Bee filter to fully embrace the trend.

“Ticking”, a sound by TIN, has gained the attention of many creators. The clock-like sound offers a wide range of possibilities to professional TikTok accounts. One way to utilize this sound is to recap an event for your viewers. Take photos while brainstorming, designing, and preparing for an event to compile into a TikTok. Imagine an organization that has planted a public garden and wants to show its community the progress. Photos of a blueprint of the garden, garden boxes being built, seeds being planted, and volunteers watering plants are shown with “Ticking” playing in the background. Viewers become aware of the event’s process and see participants having fun. The key to successfully implementing this sound is, perhaps unironically, timing. When editing the TikTok, remember to match the changing of the photos with the ticking sound.

TikTok’s numerous sound choices give creators unlimited creative choices, but it can be challenging to narrow down the huge number of audio clips. Luckily, there are certain sounds that instantly gain success on the media-sharing app and act as a handy guide to TikTokers wanting to contribute to popular trends. “Crazy” by Patsy Cline, Charlie Mosey’s original sound, and “Ticking” by TIN are just three of the thousands of sounds that allow your organization to gain recognition on the platform. By creatively combining popular audio with photos, videos, and text, your professional TikTok page will encourage online interaction.

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